10 Ways Entrepreneurs Re-center Themselves in the New Year

By Jess Wu, 7 December, 2022

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Re-center Themselves in the New Year

For entrepreneurs, a new year means a whole lot on their plate. New goals, new deadlines, and new challenges are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s important to have a variety of strategies that keep you centered so you and your business can have the best year yet.

Below, we’ve listed out 10 ways entrepreneurs can re-center themselves for a better year.

Use stress-managing techniques

Running a business is stressful. There may not be many ways to prevent that anxiety from coming, but you need to be able to manage the difficulties that may come throughout the business-building journey. Different people have different methods for alleviating stress, but here are some of the more common strategies we see from businesses we work with:

  • Focusing on their breathing and using a routine to lower their heart rate.

  • Meditating or doing yoga just for a few minutes a day.

  • Talking to a therapist

  • Taking a 15-minute power nap once during the day

  • Delegating tasks to your team to decrease your workload

Many entrepreneurs are willing to take on the challenge of creating a business because they want to prove themselves and help other people, whether that be family members or the community at large. That’s why you can’t allow yourself to be swallowed by stress and anxiety.

Set aside time to relax

There’s a common saying, which is that “time is money, and if you’re wasting time, you’re wasting money.” This philosophy has unfortunately led many entrepreneurs to work themselves to the ground because taking time to relax is seen as being unproductive.

There’s a reason why business icons like Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban aim for eight hours of sleep. They understand being an entrepreneur is a position of leadership, and being a leader is more so about the quality of your decision-making abilities rather than the quantity. If taking time to relax lets you make better decisions, then you’re not wasting time nor money.

Change your outlook

We’re talking about the glass half-full vs half-empty mentality here. If responding to every situation with negativity and complaining is your norm, there’s an opportunity to change that frame of mind and improve your well-being.

As an entrepreneur, there was definitely a point in your life where you were opportunistic and forward-looking, anticipating to respond to any challenge with enthusiasm and vigor. You knew it was your chance to turn dreams into plans. Get back to that, because embracing each problem as an opportunity is how you navigate the doldrums of building a business.

Remember your why

One common misconception people think is that entrepreneurs are motivated all the time. We know that’s not true and, though motivation will take you far, discipline and consistency is what separates successful entrepreneurs from those who gave up.

Remembering your why is what makes the days where you don’t feel like getting up worth it. It helps you zero in on the goal that started this journey and continuously work toward it, no matter how unmotivated you might be that day.

Find time to exercise

Exercise is like a real-life cheat code. It helps you feel and look better physically, but the mental and emotional benefits that come from physical activity are just as good. Fitness initiatives will improve your mood, sleep quality, and overall stamina and energy throughout the day.

The best thing about exercise is that, if done properly, it doesn’t feel like a chore. With the diversity of ways you can approach physical fitness, from fitness to yoga to cardio, there’s something for everybody to enjoy. And all it really takes is about 30 minutes a day to see significant improvement in your quality of life.

Have people you can vent to

No matter how great your self-care strategies, there will inevitably be days where the stress will build up and cause you to lash out. It’s understandable to become emotional and even irrational because you’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into your business. What’s important is that when those moments do occur, you have proper channels to vent to and let your anger and feelings out.

For most people, this includes family, friends, and spouses. Ideally, the people who you let out your feelings to should have great listening skills and not interject you. You just want them to be your ear who hears everything you’re saying and reassures you that it will be okay.

Keep challenging yourself

Perhaps the worst situation for entrepreneurs to be in is a state of complacency. Feeling no desire to improve and wanting to maintain the status quo extinguishes the fire that essentially defines what it means to be an entrepreneur. If you’re starting to feel complacent, it’s time to think outside the box and start disrupting the way you do business so you can keep yourself on your toes.

One idea is asking employees what they think the business could do better. Obviously, you don’t have to listen to everything they say, but hearing ideas from those who normally might not be represented could bring new ideas to the table. Another strategy is to meet with some of the business leaders who inspire you and pick their brain to see what you can do to improve as a leader.

Just keep swimming

There will be days when there’s too much going on. You feel overwhelmed and confused by everything around you, and you’re losing the vision of your business. When those days happen, the best option is to move forward despite the current chaos.

This point also goes back to the importance of discipline, since motivation might not always be there for you. Some ways to “just keep swimming” include holding yourself accountable to a schedule and letting go of the dead weight that may be holding you back (such as an uncooperative employee or business partner).

Eat the right foods

Most of us today eat for pleasure. And that’s okay (in moderation) as long as you remember that food is fuel. The benefits of healthy eating can have great physical and mental benefits while also boosting overall productivity while at work.

With the overwhelming amount of nutritional information out there, navigating the right foods to eat can be concerning. Some rules of thumb include eating enough protein, fiber, fruits, and veggies. But since each body might need tailored supplements, it’s best to consult with your primary care doctor.

Make the workplace more engaging

The routine of coming into work, sitting and looking at the computer for several hours, going to a couple meetings, and leaving is mentally draining for most people, especially entrepreneurs and their employees. It doesn’t require expensive investments or complete renovations to make the office space a bit more lively, and these simple changes could go a long way in keeping everyone at work more engaged and less stressed.

Some ways to amp up the office environment include listening closely to employee feedback, allowing employees to work on projects they excel at, and sometimes handing the reins over to different staff members so they can take on more leadership roles at times.

So, here are 10 potential strategies we believe entrepreneurs could implement to re-center themselves to have a better new year in 2023. If securing more business funding is part of your goal to grow your business, Backd Business Funding is here to help. Fill out our online application in 3 minutes and find funding in your account within 24 hours.