Our Technology Platform

Our online application process is fast and easy with all steps performed within minutes.

We're confident our fintech products will align with tech-savvy entrepreneurs looking to easily apply for funding.

Our technology plateform

Our Application Process

The Backd Online Application Process is easy and fast. All steps are performed within 24 hours.

Our Technology

Our online application platform delivers a fast and straightforward process that requires minimal paperwork.

The intuitive designs guides the customer through the application process and ensures the customer provides relevant information for a successful application submission.

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Submitted information is then analyzed by our analytics platform, which applies hundreds of proprietary data points that Backd Business Funding has accumulated and developed over the years to pre-qualify the applicant.

The system analyzes a broad array of factors including historical advance data for existing clients, company revenue, and the business owner's personal financial history.

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The system then derives a score from these combined factors via our bespoke credit model to determine creditworthiness and affordability. A decision is generated within minutes and approved applicants can receive their payout in less than 24 hours.

If more information is needed, the system automatically escalates applications that require additional information to assess.

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Backd funds amounts up to $2M. Clients can easily manage their advances via the online dashboard without contacting our office for simple administrative tasks.

Elements of Our System

Advance Management

Custom Application Process

Credit Engine

Credit Bureau Integration

ACH Collections

Complete CRM

Online Broker Platform

Built-in Document Repository

Custom Dashboards

Contact Center Solution

Automated Financial Analysis

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