Navigating B2B Buy Now Pay Later and Equipment Financing: Unveiling the Distinctions

by Kieran Daly
August 18, 2023
Navigating B2B Buy Now Pay Later and Equipment Financing: Unveiling the Distinctions

When it comes to making the large purchases that your business needs to thrive, you may not always have the capital on hand, or the maneuverability in your current cash flow to successfully buy the tools you need. This is where the world of business financing steps in to ease the burden put on small business owners. 

With a plethora of financial products and services to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business. That’s why Backd is here to help you! We want to draw your attention to two extremely financial products that, on the surface, look similar but have differences that could affect your business in the long run. Let’s look at the difference between B2B Buy Now Pay Later and Equipment Financing so that you can make informed decisions, and learn how Backd can help you with its groundbreaking new product, BackdPay

What is B2B Buy Now Pay Later?

B2B (Business-to-Business) Buy Now Pay Later is a payment model similar to B2C Buy Now Pay Later, but it is designed for businesses rather than individual consumers. It enables businesses to purchase goods or services immediately and defer the payment over time in installments.

In a B2B Buy Now Pay Later arrangement, a business can acquire necessary supplies, inventory, or services without having to make a full upfront payment. Instead, they can spread the cost over a predefined period, making regular installments.

What is Equipment Financing?

Equipment financing is a type of financial arrangement that allows businesses to acquire the necessary equipment, machinery, vehicles, or other tangible assets required for their operations without making an upfront full payment. Instead, the business obtains funding from a lender to purchase or lease the equipment and then repays the borrowed amount over time through regular installments, often including interest and fees.

Equipment financing is particularly useful for businesses that need to acquire costly equipment but want to conserve their cash flow and maintain operational liquidity. It enables businesses to access essential assets without a significant upfront financial burden.

Differences Between B2B Buy Now Pay Later and Equipment Financing

While it may seem that B2B Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and Equipment Financing are very similar products, they do have some differences that set them apart. 

Nature of Financing


B2B BNPL allows businesses to make purchases from suppliers or vendors and defer the payment for those purchases over a specified period. It's a form of short-term credit that helps businesses manage cash flow and working capital by allowing them to delay payments for goods or services. For example, say that you are a restaurant and are opening a new location that will cater to delivery, you can utilize BNPL to purchase your commercial-grade cooking equipment, refrigerators, and food prep stations. Through BNPL you have immediate access to the equipment without a large up-front cost

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing, on the other hand, is specifically designed to help businesses acquire equipment or assets necessary for their operations. It involves obtaining funding to purchase equipment, machinery, vehicles, or other tangible assets needed for production or service delivery. Keeping with the same example as above, equipment financing would be used to purchase the delivery vehicles as these would be items that would be more suitable for equipment financing.



B2B BNPL is typically used for various operational expenses, including procurement of inventory, supplies, and services. It offers flexibility in payment terms, allowing businesses to defer payments to a later date, which can be particularly helpful during peak seasons or when cash flow is tight.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing focuses on enabling businesses to acquire or upgrade equipment and machinery that are essential for their core operations. This type of financing helps businesses acquire assets that have long-term value and contribute directly to revenue generation.

Payment Structure


B2B BNPL often involves installment payments over a short period. Businesses can choose to split the total cost into multiple payments, usually paid within a few months, and sometimes with interest or fees.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing typically offers longer repayment terms, often ranging from several months to several years. The payments are structured based on the useful life of the equipment and can be tailored to match the business's revenue cycle.

Collateral and Security


B2B BNPL transactions may or may not require collateral, depending on the terms of the agreement. Some providers may require a soft credit check, personal guarantee, or a lien on assets as security.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is often secured by the equipment itself. The financed equipment serves as collateral for the loan, reducing the lender's risk.

Eligibility and Approval Process


B2B BNPL is generally easier to qualify for and may not require extensive documentation. Approval decisions are often based on the business's payment history, creditworthiness, and relationship with the supplier.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing may require more documentation, such as financial statements, business plans, and equipment specifications. Lenders evaluate the business's ability to repay the loan and the value of the equipment being financed.

Directly Compared

B2B BNPL and equipment financing cater to different business needs. B2B BNPL offers flexibility in payment terms for various business expenses, while equipment financing focuses on providing funds to acquire valuable assets crucial for a business's operations. Understanding the distinctions between these financing options is essential for businesses to make informed decisions based on their specific financial requirements and objectives.

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